Define more about Paul Travels and their services?

Paul Travels is a Chandigarh based car rental service providers having more than 15 years of customer serving experience with more than 15000 bookings till now. We provide the affordable, safe and best services through our professional drivers.

Do I need to register while booking a cab on your website?

No, you just need to give your required details in the form on our site and make your booking done use our products and service without registration.

How do I know about my booking whether it is confirmed or not?

After filling the form of booking on our website, you will get a confirmation mail on your e-mail address which you will provide in the booking form. This will let you know whether your booking had been confirmed or not.

Can Booking be changed by me at any time?

Yes, you can change your booking for free and extra charges. If it is two days before the booked date no extra charges will be charged from you. After this, there will be some cancellation fee charges as per our cancellation policy.

If my booked car doesn't appeared, what to do then?

Paul travels has been providing the best services and are known for the best service providers. So, the chances of this case to occur are less. But still if it happens then we will refund you fully or arrange another vehicle immediately.

What, if my booked car came late?

On the happening of this case, you just need to call us and we will surely provide assistance to get you out of this situation.

What sort of information do Paul Travels need during online booking of taxi?

During online booking, Paul Travels needs the fields like name, address, e-mail id, personal phone number or alternate phone number. Your information will be fully secure with us and will never be shared.

If I will have some extra heavy and large luggage to carry during the journey, what to do?

Before journey you need to tell us the details of your luggage. If it needs an extra space we will provide you a car fitted with a carrier without any extra charges.

Do I need to pay any extra charges apart from the one that has been listed on your website?

Our package pt-includes everything. You need not to bother about paying any extra charges. If you are requested to pay for parking charges than only you have to pay, otherwise there are no extra charges.

What is the way to cancel my booking?

For this, you give a call to us regarding cancellation. There will be a small amount of penalty as per our cancellation policy and all other charges are refundable.

Is there a need to pay any charges in advance?

No, you do not need to pay any amount of money in advance. You can pay your rent after your journey is completed. You may pay for the fuel which will be deducted from your entire journey charges.

Is there any need to know more about Paul Travels and their policies?

All the details of Paul Travels are present on our website to let our worthy customers to know us better. You can also give a call and attain detailed information about us and about our services.