Terms & Conditions

Following are the terms & conditions need to remember while using website:

Site and Content:

The content that is present on the different pages of Paul Travels website is for providing to our customer’s the general information and use. It can be updated at any time without prior notification.

The information that is provided on the website can't be full accurate, performable, timely, suitable or complete. The information and provided content may contain some errors and for that we exclude liability expressly for such inaccuracies or errors in information to the full extent as allowable by law.

Users at their own risk can go through and use the information that is provided on the website as per the products and services that are available on the website need to match with their requirements.


The content which is written and published on the website is owned & licensed by Paul Travels. The website material includes the designs, layouts, appearances and the graphics. It is illegal to copy the material that is present on the website, as per copyright notice which includes the terms & conditions for the site.

Operator of Paul Travels website is responsible fully for all kind of remarks of trademark which are not licensed or property of the website.

To use the website and its material in an unauthorized or illegal way is a criminal offense.

User can see website links which are refer to other websites. For user convenience, many website links are provided so that those linked websites may help to provide information needed by user. Those linked websites and their content published are not endorsed by us.

Without the permission of Paul Travels, you are not allowed to create any link or document for our website.

User Content:

You are prohibited strictly from posting any obscene material, illegal material, threatening, unlawful material and pornographic material on the website in the feedback sections or forums.

In case of this happening or any illegal behavior, Paul Travels have fully authority to file a complaint against the person and disclose his identity and everyone found guilty.

Paul Travels may change, remove or edit any information which appears to be illegal, offensive and which does not belong to us.


Paul Travels is not responsible for the services and products that are available on the website as we may not operate at particular region of yours. Before coming in contact us; just read all the information about services and products to validate whether they are available for your location or not. Vehicles of Paul Travels are subjected to availability.

Paul Travels Rights:

Paul Travels reserves and possess the full rights to add, change or remove any terms and conditions at any period of time from the website without prior notifying our users. New and latest terms & conditions can be posted and applied at any time without any further notice.

Booking Cancellation:

If you want to cancel before 2 days (48 hours) of pick up time, amount refundable will be 50%. If you request to cancel your booking within 1 day (24 hours) of pickup time, and no refund will be there.

The amount will be refunded within 6 business days by online transfer only; no cash refund request will be accepted.

Out station travel:

-Distance travelled during the journey and Time taken for it will be calculated from Garage to Garage.
-Taxes like State tax, Toll tax, parking charges and driver's allowance charges of rs 200/per day are payable by the customer only.
-250km/day is the minimum limit of kilometers for all vehicles.
-One day means one calendar day (i.e. from 12 am to 12 am)
- Air Conditioner will not work in hilly areas and in parked/stopped vehicle.
-Before leaving the taxi, customers should check and collect all of their luggage and other valuables things properly, after leaving the vehicle if anything is left in the car or anywhere then there will be no responsibility.

One way drop:

-All charges include all tolls and taxes. You need not to pay any extra amount of money.
- If parking is required then charges of parking will be payed by the customer.
-Vehicles which are booked for Pickup/Drop will wait for only 20 mins after being reported at customer's place; in case if there is a delay in starting the journey then waiting charges of Rs.100/hr will be charged on based on the case.
-One Point Pickup and drop is free of cost. But in case of multiple pickups and drops Rs 300 will be charged extra for each extra pickup or drop.
-Charges Rs 400 will be charged extra if there is pick up or drop from Ghaziabad, Gurgaon or Noida.
- Air Conditioner will not work in hilly areas and in parked/stopped vehicle.
- On time booking cancelation charges will be rs 1000.